Idomin 100g. Swedish purity for hundreds of uses.
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Idomin 100g. Swedish purity for hundreds of uses.

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Idomin is an ointment with a thick texture that moisturizes and repairs damaged skin, dry or irritated skin. The product contains no water, which means that the skin does not dry out in cold weather. It creates a water-repellent film, which means that the moisture is instead encapsulated.

Canola oil and Vaseline work to nourish and soften the skin, vitamin E stops free radicals and zinc oxide helps protect the skin. It can be used for a variety of areas, such as cracked lips, dry elbows or red baby bottoms. However, it is not only helpful for humans, but can also be used on dry animal paws. Idomin is free of perfume and contains no dyes or preservatives. INGREDIENTS: Petrolatum (vaselin), Zinc Oxide, Canola Oil (rapsolja), Tocopherol (vitamin E), Citric Acid

Country of manufacture: Sweden

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