Arvid Nordquist-Classic Svea (Medium Dark Roast)
Arvid Nordquist-Classic Svea (Medium Dark Roast)
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Arvid Nordquist-Classic Svea (Medium Dark Roast)

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In 1884 in a small boutique in Stockholm, Sweden, Arvid Nordquist sold his first kilo of coffee, and he and his descendants have been pleasing coffee lovers ever since.

Classic Svea from Arvid Nordquist is a brewing coffee with scent of cocoa made from 100% certified Arabic beans from Brazil, Central America, Colombia and East Africa. The flavor can be described as berry, with elements of black currants and ginger.

Classic Svea is a 100% sustainable certified (UTZ Certified) and 100% climate-compensated coffee.

Ingredients: Coffee (100% Arabica beans)​

Roasting: 60% Medium Dark 
Acidity: 60% Citrus
Spiciness: 60% Ginger
Taste of Coffee: 60%
Fruity: 80% Blackcurrants 
Nuts / Chocolate: 80% Cocoa

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