By Kyle Harrison

About Lypsyl Products

Created with pure Swedish beeswax, natural shea butter, coconut oil, and vitamins A and E for long-lasting, deep-penetrating moisture and lip care protection. Lypsyl Intense Protection helps moisturize, soften and protect your lips naturally. The unique one-hand slide allows for quick application. 2x pack

Lypsyl lip balm is Sweden’s #1 best-selling lip balm and is now available to purchase here in the U.S! You can find it at Walmart,, & Meijers for the low price of $2.99- $3.19. Whether we end up having a harsh winter or not, Lypsyl lip balm should definitely be added to your winter survival kit.

Upon application of Lypsyl Original Mint, you’ll notice a soothing and invigorating feeling that moistures and heals dry and/or chapped lips. The formula is lightweight and provides smooth and long lasting moisture for your lips. From the cheerful green and yellow color scheme to the cute bee slider, this lip balm truly stands out.